Typical Business Opportunities and Business Tips for Bandung

Beginner entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs often live in the hope that if they build a business, customers will come in droves. But in today’s economy, it takes more than “hope” to get people to buy your product or service. Practicing building and creating new business opportunities is a must if your business wants to grow.

Another important element is a clear and consistent business plan. You must have a mature business plan. For example, you can prepare a budget to build your business in detail. And don’t forget to often conduct research to add information and get to know the “terrain” of the business that you will face. Also recognize other competitors who might sell the same type of product as you. Take advantage of the network that you have and never be embarrassed to ask those who are experienced in the business world. And finally, develop your mindset to create innovative things intelligently. So that later your business has its own uniqueness. Even if your business sells goods that are already common in the market. If you are smart and innovative, then that is not a big obstacle for you. There is always a way if you keep trying.

Bandung is the capital of the province of West Java which is also one of the favorite holiday destinations of the Indonesian people. In addition to a refreshing tourist spot and many shopping centers, Bandung also has its own unique souvenir products that can be a business opportunity for you prospective entrepreneurs.

Tips for Building & Finding Business Opportunities

But before recognizing various souvenir products typical of Bandung, here are tips for you prospective entrepreneurs who want to build a business and look for business opportunities:

a. Focus on your Product Core

There is a term that is well-known among business people, namely ” Prospects come when customers trust the value of your business and believe that your business is running stable “. In other words, to get a strong position for the business, you must always check and evaluate the service and value that your business provides to customers.

It is common in the scope of small businesses and new that employers feel he must do and imitate everything that other successful business people do to compete. But in reality, small business owners really will never be able to compete in the same way. So it’s important for those of you who want to build a new business to “differentiate themselves” by focusing on the unique capabilities of the main products that you provide to customers. And this is the biggest asset for any entrepreneur. When you find a main product that is unique, then you simultaneously build new business opportunities and bring meaningful development to your business.

b. Stay Consistent to Be Yourself

Knowing who you are and what are the things that make you excited or that make you uninterested will help you achieve your business goals. This affects the performance of business and how you find business opportunities. Because if you do something that you don’t like or on the basis of coercion, you can be sure the business will experience failure in the middle of the road. Remember, there are always ways and other ways when you think you are in a dead end. One of them is utilizing a network of relationships to help you solve various problems you face in the business world.

Ask for help from your acquaintances to help do tasks that are not in your field. So you have more time to develop skills that are in line with your business activities. One example is if you can’t design a business product logo, find acquaintances who can be asked for help and have expertise in the field of graphic design. Always make sure that you focus on the “A” task as your top priority. Then, delegate tasks “B”, “C”, and other tasks that are not in your field to relatives or acquaintances.

c. Appropriate Capability Allocation

Allocating your capabilities to the needs and satisfaction of target customers  is the best way to determine service strategies and find business opportunities. Even though you may be very skilled in many fields, it will be in vain if you want to build a business where your target customers don’t need business services. This will also close the business opportunities that should be obtained if you map your abilities appropriately.

One common feature among many entrepreneurs is the desire or ambition to “widen the net” by being “able to everything”. However, in almost every case, small businesses develop because they have service offers that are right on target. Remember, the value of a business will have a significant effect when businesses can provide unique and high-quality products or services.

Develop a list of decision-making criteria that suits the needs and desires of the target business customers. Hold in-depth research on target markets and evaluate intensely to get effective business opportunities.

Typical Souvenir Business Opportunities in Bandung


As mentioned earlier, the city of Bandung also has a type of souvenir product that makes people feel “not yet in Bandung” if they have not bought souvenirs from Bandung. The following are examples of typical Bandung souvenirs that can be your reference in opening a business gift:

1. Bollen Pisang

Bollen souvenirs Banana has become a favorite gift for everyone visiting the city of Bandung. Actually, Toko Kartika Sari made Bollen Banana a gift that was popular and popular with many people in Bandung. However, now there are many  franchisees  that make Bollen Banana businesses in various cities. You can of course open the Bollen Banana business with a new, off-flavor variant that is commonly sold – cheese and chocolate. Remember, innovation from you plays an important role in opening up new business opportunities and may be well received by people.

2. Craft, Garment & Shoes Made of Leather

Precisely in the Cibaduyut area, Bandung, it is famous for its leather-based handicrafts which can be  unique merchandise  and souvenirs for its customers. This certainly can be a big business opportunity for those of you who want to make leather products. Products such as garments, shoes, and other clothing products made from leather have their own value in the eyes of people. Coupled with a unique and compliant design, we can be sure your business will grow rapidly.

3. Surabi Bandung

Who is not familiar with this type of gift. Even though Surabi is also a Solo souvenir, Surabi Bandung is no less unique, tasty, and still a favorite souvenir for visitors on vacation to Bandung. You can vary the taste of Surabi Bandung and bring it to a higher level.

4. Sumedang tofu

You could say, nothing can beat the tantrums and crispness of Sumedang Tofu. Coming from Sumedang Regency, Bandung, Tahu Sumedang is still very popular with tourists and families on vacation. With practical packaging, visitors can enjoy Sumedang Tofu on the go or make souvenirs to give to relatives or friends of relatives.

With tips on finding business opportunities and souvenirs that are typical of Bandung that can be a reference for those of you who want to open a souvenir business, it is hoped that you can bring your business to profit and of course it works. To add to the success of your business, you can hire Accounting Software  for your business to facilitate financial management and record business transactions. 

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