Study Business Souvenirs by Artists in Indonesia that are Tempting

There are some people who often follow the development of the entertainment world in Indonesia, so they certainly see the phenomenon of artists who penetrated into the business world. By utilizing his already well-known name, of course the artist’s business becomes easier to sell. For those of you who are interested in learning business, immediately take a look at the opportunities and tips for successful business gifts from the artist below.

Business Opportunities for Artists


  1. Manggo Tart , one of the interesting souvenir ideas to try. Indonesia is already famous for its tropical fruits. So, there’s nothing wrong with making cake presents using Indonesian tropical fruits such as mangoes. One idea to use mangoes for cakes is to make them as toppings on tarts or pies. Its beautiful shape can easily attract buyers.
  2. Strawberry Meringue Cake , one of these types of cakes may still be rare in Indonesia. Meringue sweet cakes are from France, which can be your business idea. How to make meringue is quite easy, you only need to mix egg white and coarse sugar. For a more attractive appearance, add fresh fruits or other toppings such as chocolate or cream.
  3. Vanilla Ball , with different variations, which are colorful. To produce a different sponge cake, you can mix the sponge cake mixture with colorful meses. That way, attractive sponge colors can become present souvenirs in your city.
  4. Pineapple Cake , if you usually find pineapple only in Nastar pastries, now is the time for you to try to be creative. You can make pineapple sponge cake as a contemporary cake that is loved by many people.

Tips for Running a Business Souvenir by Artist

The potential to run an artist-style souvenir business is indeed quite tantalizing. Especially the artist-style souvenir is currently on the rise. So, don’t be surprised if a long line will be seen in each outlet. Even though you are not as famous as the top artists, you don’t need to be discouraged. You can also achieve success in the buiness of souvenirs. Here are some tricks that you can apply:

1. Attract well-known figures to promote your products

For example, by way of endorse on social media or other means. In this way, prospective customers will be more familiar with the products you want to offer. To do endorsements or promotions of this type, you will need extra fees. But it will be worth the results.

2. Cooperate with travel agents to direct tourists to your outlet

This method needs to be tried so that your souvenir outlet is more crowded with buyers. Because, when travel agents direct tourists to various tourist attractions, they can also take them to your souvenir outlet .

3. Making new souvenir products without leaving regional characteristics

For example, the artist Teuku Wisnu who still holds Malang’s characteristics, namely apple, and Hengky Kurniawan who still hold Lampung’s characteristic, namely banana. You also have to decide to hold one of the regional characteristics to be used by your souvenir products.

4. Prepare sufficient capital to run a souvenir business

Because, having mediocre capital will only hinder the movement of your business. When a businessman only relies on personal capital, often he cannot be sufficient to grow his business. The solution, when starting to feel lack of capital, you should consider getting a capital loan from a financial institution either with or without collateral. But before applying for a loan, you must also consider carefully from the financial side. Look at future financial projections, whether it is able to pay loan installments every month or not.

5. Hire a consultant for more professional branding services

When you really want to be serious about raising a souvenir business, there are many other aspects that need to be considered such as packaging and logos. That is why hiring consultant services is important for you to do.

6. Choose the right outlet location and guarantee that you can provide friendly service

In order to be crowded with buyers, your souvenir outlet should be in a strategic location. Although the price of renting a location in a strategic place is somewhat more expensive, it will be comparable to the success of your business. Location of outlets that are difficult to reach by prospective buyers, will make the business quickly recede. In addition to a strategic place, another important thing is that you have to provide friendly service so that buyers don’t hesitate to return.

Capital Range Required for Cake Business


In determining how much capital is needed to start a cake business, you have to calculate based on the price of the ingredients of the cake and the tools needed. You have to prepare cooking utensils in the form of ovens, gas cylinders, electronic and manual hand mixers , digital scales, basins for cake dough, baking pans, cheese grated, and other supporting tools. To buy a variety of these tools at least you need capital of around IDR 4 million to IDR 5 million .

Then, you also have to prepare ingredients to make cakes, such as flour, eggs, various types of cheese, margarine, chocolate, and many more. In one small scale production, at least you need capital to buy cake ingredients around Rp. 500 thousand to Rp1 million. So it can be concluded that you need initial capital in the range of Rp. 4.5 million to Rp . 6 million .

The illustration above is just an illustration of capital. The costs you need when running an artist-style cake gift business can be greater depending on how much you want to produce your cake. Good luck!

Don’t be afraid of starting a business


To be good at running a business, you really have to understand and understand what business you will be in. You can start a business while studying it, or better known as learning by doing . When running a business, you may hear some negative opinions from people around you that can make you desperate. However, don’t swallow their opinions directly because you have to be critical in accepting input. To be a successful businessman, you have to be brave enough to face risks. If your business has problems, that doesn’t mean your business will fail. You are actually required to deal with it immediately. Because every obstacle and problem you face will actually make your business stronger and you will be even more intelligent in managing it.

It turns out that the success of artists in Indonesia in the business of souvenirs does not only make use of their famous names. But the artists also have good business and marketing strategies. The artists generally promote their souvenir business with unusual and unique packaging. You can of course copy and modify it for your personal business. Be sure to manage your business properly and correctly so that your business continues to grow and develop.

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