Definition, Types, and 5 Benefits of Special Journals for Your Business

In accounting accounting records, we are familiar with the terms general journals and special journals. If the definition of a general journal is the recording of all financial transactions in a chronological order, then a special journal is used only to record specific transactions that occur in the company. Specific transactions referred to are transactions that are numerous and often occur and are of the same and recurring nature. Special journals are divided into four types, namely.


Type Usability
Journal of Purchases Record all transactions related to the purchase of business goods on credit
Sales Journal      Record all transactions related to the sale of business goods on credit.
Cash Receipt Journal Record all cash receipt transactions from various sources.
Journal of Cash Expenditures Record all cash expenditure transactions related to the company’s operations.

Benefits of Special Journals

Systematic Ease of Recording

Because special journals are divided into 4 types of financial transactions, financial transactions that occur in companies can be recorded and grouped in special journals easily based on the type of transaction. This convenience makes each financial report more systematic and efficient.

Speed ​​up the Transaction Data Process

With the data grouping, financial statement processing can occur more quickly. For example, if there are 50 similar transactions, the general journal will still be recorded and grouped 50 times as well. Whereas in special journals only need to group the data once, based on the type of account.

Presenting Faster & Clearer Data

Because special journals contain similar financial transactions. Like the purchase of merchandise only, or company cash receipts only, the financial data can be presented more quickly and clearly based on the grouping of data.

Simplify the process of posting to the Ledger

With the existence of special journals, posting data to ledgers can be done regularly with more practical and easy because in special journals all similar transactions are recorded with the same account. So the posting of several financial transactions can be done simultaneously based on the type of account.

Facilitate Periodic Checks

Re-examination usually occurs regularly in a company both internally and externally by a public auditor. With the existence of special journals, similar financial transactions that have been recorded in the company will be recorded in a concise and practical manner in a special journal so as to make it easy for internal and external auditors to conduct audits.


Using special journals for company financial statements, clearly will provide convenience and efficiency for recording your business finances. Ease of recording owned by this special journal, as well as the properties possessed by online accounting software . Using online accounting software Journal can facilitate you in recording financial transactions to have various reports according to your company’s needs.


Journal, also has very flexible data access to be able to be seen, anytime and anywhere in real time with the Bank’s level of security. With the s oftware accounting online journal, you can get all the ease in managing business and financial records. You can get more information about the Journal here .

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