Culinary Business Opportunities and Typical Culinary Reference Medan

It is not surprising that the food industry and culinary business are attractive businesses for business entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs. After all, food is a primary need for people in this world. However, there are rumors that this type of business has received a bad reputation in recent years. It is a common “myth” that opening a restaurant and working in the culinary world is very risky even for startup entrepreneurs .

However, along with the fact that this “myth” has been refuted, there are many opportunities for forward-thinking and strong-minded entrepreneurs to engage in the culinary business world. Especially in Indonesia there are various types of food from different types of tribes and different cultures and can be an opportunity to open your culinary business.

One of them is culinary from the city of Medan. Medan is the capital of North Sumatra which also has various types of unique foods. But before describing any interesting cuisine from the city of Medan, you need to know the reason for opening a culinary business to inspire you.

Five Reasons Why Culinary Business Is Still An Interesting Opportunity


Here are five reasons why culinary business is still an attractive business opportunity:

1. Health is the Main Focus of the Culinary Business

In fact, two out of three adults in America are considered to be overweight or obese. This certainly increases people’s awareness to choose healthy life and maintain the nutritional content of every food and drink they buy. And even, it will become a necessity for the future. Therefore, the startup culinary business can build innovation in the health sector – in addition to the culinary field – and take the hearts of the community by serving delicious and nutritious culinary.

There is even a food company that provides services in the form of assistance in making diet plans and then sending them ready-made food based on their orders and needs. In a way, this is an innovative way to provide healthy food and improve the customer’s lifestyle.

2. Synergy with Online Ojek Services

As you know, online motorcycle taxi services are now increasingly widespread and mushrooming. Plus the food delivery feature of the online  motorcycle taxi  affiliated with restaurant outlets and other culinary shops, this makes the culinary business even more promising. You can simply make a menu of food ordered by customers through online  motorcycle taxi services  without the need to recruit employees to deliver your culinary menu. Obviously this will save you more money and increase the sales of your food store or restaurant. Followed by a touch of food photos from your store that will later be displayed on an online motorcycle taxi application   this will increasingly attract consumers to order food or drinks anytime and anywhere.

3. Customers Don’t Need to Come Directly & Queue to the Store

This point is still related to the previous point. Actually, we all want instant satisfaction, including fulfilling food needs. No doubt, employees or company employees are already preoccupied with their work. So it’s natural when they expect or even need something that can make it easier for them to get the food and drink they want during their work time. These problems were addressed by the presence of online  motorcycle taxi services  and culinary businesses with a growing menu of food.

With the presence of the new system, customers no longer need to bother coming and lining up to wait for their food to reach them. This is a  win-win solution  where customers and food sellers each get their satisfaction and needs. Therefore, you don’t need a song to start going into the world of culinary business in the current era!

4. The Millennial Generation: Buy Outside> Cook Yourself

This fact is also something that cannot be denied since from 2015 until now. Millennials tend to prefer to spend most of their money to buy outside instead of buying groceries in supermarkets to cook themselves. This creates two distinct opportunities for you culinary business entrepreneurs. First, with that fact, of course you are helped even if you provide a take away food menu  . While the second, this can be a new opportunity for retoran or shop. You open a cooking course with package packaging that is friendly for millennial customers. Besides educating, the second choice will also create your own cooking lifestyle and create your own benefits for your business.

5. Being an Opportunity to Help Those Who Need

Most culinary businesses today still forget to contribute their business for social purposes. Plus not all millennia feel able to make a significant positive impact and believe that business must contribute to social goals. The food industry and restaurant startup can take advantage of this. For example, you can work with a sociopreneur startup  who works to bring excess food to those in need. Again and again, this is an innovative opportunity that not only brings popularity to your culinary business, but helps those in need.

5 References Types of Typical Medan Culinary Products that Should Be Tried for Culinary Business

Here are five types of culinary specialties in the city of Medan that can be an inspiration for those of you who want to open a culinary business in Indonesia and abroad:

1. Lontong Medan

Food consisting of rice cake, vegetable coconut milk, and green / red sambal with the addition of anchovies, tauco, and peanut sauce. This type of bekuah and savory food is still popular with many people and can be an appetizing breakfast or lunch menu!

2. Soto Medan

One more delicious food that is not less interesting than Lontong Medan. On average, most Indonesians love soto type food. And Soto Medan is no less delicious than other types of soto from other regions. Soto Medan has a characteristic yellow-greenish broth that gives a savory taste that is different from other types of soup.

3. Durian compote

The city of Medan is also famous for its durian fruit to the point of being dubbed the City of Durian. For customers who are fond of durian, of course this type of culinary taste cannot be rejected by them. Kolak Durian is a unique food typical of Medan, which is served with steamed white sticky rice, kepok banana, and boiled sweet corn. For compote sauce made from a mixture of coconut milk and palm sugar or brown sugar. You can serve it cold or warm.

4. Gomak noodles

This food is commonly referred to as the typical Batak Land Spaghetti . Gomak noodles have a fairly large shape with a chewy texture and are longer than ordinary pasta. You can also add variety from this Gomak noodle by adding rice cake or peanut sauce to increase the strength of taste and enjoyment!

5. Rujak Kolam

Named Rujak Kolam because from the past many of these Rujak type sellers were near the Deli Pool in Medan City. What makes Rujak a different kind of pool than other salad is peanut sauce with a rough texture that gives a unique and distinctive taste. Imagine the freshness of peanut herbs and vegetables that can spoil your tongue!

The types of culinary specialties of the city of Medan and the reasons why culinary business is still a promising business opportunity are now expected to inspire you in building a business. Expand references related to how to build a culinary business so that you will be better prepared to face various upcoming business obstacles. Plus in the business world, you need to deepen the reference how to manage finances and record business transactions to be the Financial Statements .

You can try renting  Accounting Software  to help manage your business finances. One of the best options is the Journal,  Accounting Software  which has complete accounting features and other conveniences. If you run a culinary business, you certainly need data related to Cost of Goods Sold from the combined inventory of raw materials that you buy until it becomes one conversion of products to sell. In the Journal, everything can be done easily and in detail. Next is the  guidebook related to how to create a bundle unit and product conversion in Journals that you can apply to make certain food menus from various raw material supplies that you have.

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