4 Promising Small Business Opportunities in the City of Surabaya

Starting a business or becoming an entrepreneur is a challenge that can be said to be “easy to bother”. Many things you must consider when you want to open a business or business. But like the optimistic saying that you often hear, ” business opportunities will always appear if you try it! 

Everyone can be an entrepreneur in their own way. The main problem is the intention to want to start running your business. And actually business opportunities can arise when and wherever you are even with limited capital. One of them is in the city of Surabaya.

Surabaya is the second big city or metrpolitan after Jakarta. Evidenced by the many shopping centers that stand in this city. In addition to shopping centers, Surabaya also has historical tourist attractions, unique and unique culinary variants, and adequate transportation infrastructure. Coupled with the existence of Juanda Airport and Tanjung Perak Harbor, the trade routes in Surabaya are fairly smooth and this greatly facilitates entrepreneurs who live in this city. So it’s not surprising that many successful entrepreneurs  and big entrepreneurs come from the city of Surabaya.

For those of you who intend to open a business or business in the city of Surabaya, of course that is a great potential and open to anyone. Assisted with the facts previously explained about Surabaya, you can open a good business even if you have not much capital.

For those who are entrepreneurial, startup costs may be a significant “barrier”. But where there is a will, there is a way! The following ideas and forms of business or business do not require much money or capital to get started. And this is very suitable for those who dream of becoming entrepreneurs in Surabaya with a small budget or capital.

Tour Guide (Tour Guide)


Similar to Yogyakarta and Bali, Surabaya also has several historical sights and is interesting to be visited by foreign and local tourists. Examples include the Surabaya Museum, Submarine Monument, Surabaya Carnival Park, Ecotourism Mangrove, and many more. This is clearly a good business opportunity for those of you who want to become entrepreneurs.

No need to be grandiose to think about whether you should have an office for this business. You can be a tour guide with fairly low capital. Enough with the ability to communicate and speak English fluently, you can start this type of business. And don’t forget you also have to do research on tourist attractions in Surabaya for your knowledge capital. The Internet and similar applications Google Places can be your reference.

Next, you need to expand the network so that people know your business. You only need to use social media accounts like Instagram or Twitter as a container for this type of business. Include interesting photos and captions  from tourist attractions in Surabaya in your social media account feed  . Don’t forget you also need to include contact and bio  information  about your business description and what services you will provide. The  hashtags  that you add to each  social media account feed  will help expand your network. So you can reach more to people who need to be guided during their holidays in Surabaya.

Culinary business


Besides tourist attractions, Surabaya also has unique culinary delights that arouse people’s appetites. Say Lontong Balap, Rawon Satan, Soto Lamongan, and other special foods that attract many consumers. Who  does  n’t need to eat? Culinary is still a business opportunity that is in demand by many people.

If you are careful, you don’t need to worry about capital issues. Something good and big starts small. In other words, you do not need to use large capital and immediately rent a place that is a large class of restaurants. Even if you start opening a business in a strategic place on a roadside with a cart you can still potentially bring in many customers. With conditions, you must be able to take advantage of information technology that has grown rapidly now.

Hold research and register your culinary business on Google Place so that people know the existence of your business. If you can satisfy customers from the food you serve, customers will leave good comments  online  via Google Place or similar applications. And gradually your business is expected to become famous and later you can develop it again to a larger stage.

Event Organizer (EO)


Surabaya community activities are fairly busy as in Jakarta. The density of the population of Surabaya makes people need an entertaining, educational and inspirational event or  event  . Because the city of Surabaya is inhabited by various types of residents such as students, business people, foreign and local tourists, and others. If you are observant, this can be an attractive business opportunity.

If you are a student or someone who has an extensive network among communities in Surabaya, that is enough to be your capital. Mature business planning , clear vision and mission, and experience organizing an event will make your EO a profitable business. Even to start, you don’t have to use big capital. Enough with good communication skills and take advantage of the network that you have will run this type of business. If you are truly an experienced and trusted person, finding sponsors for an event that you make will certainly make it easy.

Social Media Consultant


Along with the development of business in Surabaya, many businesses and startups need the role of social media both for marketing and branding needs Large companies usually hire agents or full-time staff members   to manage their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts and blogs. But small businesses or startups often have to manage their own social media. With so many other responsibilities neglected because business owners may be too busy or overwhelmed in carrying out marketing strategies via social media.

You as an experienced consultant in the field of social media can help them determine the best tactics, posting schedules, and content for their target customers. As  their followers increase, your small business will also grow rapidly.

There are many more ideas and business or business opportunities with small capital that you can run in the city of Surabaya. Almost similar to Jakarta, this city also opens wide opportunities for any ideas and forms of business. Now, you only need to think about how to make your business finances well managed. You certainly need  the right tool  to deal with the problem of recording business transactions and financial reporting.

With  Accounting Software  , all of these things can be managed quickly and easily. Journals, one of the most  trusted and reliable Accounting Software  can be your best option. Because with journals, the recording process can be arranged easily. For example, you can give a transaction number per purchase transaction that you make or a Journal can number it automatically. This will certainly make it easier to track transactions when you want to see the history of a transaction and for audit needs. Guidebook  about setting up transaction numbers can be seen here.

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